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Ruqun is a sort of hanfu, short garments worn on the chest area, call "Ru", and the dress of the lower body, call "Qun", together call "Ruqun". It is a normal "Shangyi Xiachang(top garments and underdress) " structure. Ruqun has a conspicuous element: short top and long dress. The Ruqun showed up in the Warring States Period, Ruqun was worn by conventional people(female) until the finish of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Newhanfu.

Tan neckline Ruqun can likewise be called U neckline Ruqun. One of Hanfu's Banbi, is a short top created from the top. Toward the start, it was the style of dress in the court of the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty spread to the customary individuals. The top is a bit of base suit and a bit of tan neckline Banbi, the neckline is the state of a peach heart, can straightforwardly uncover the skin of the chest.

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